About Whimble Designs

Martha Young McQuilkin

Martha Young McQuilkin

Having earned both a BA and an MVA, Martha is professionally experienced as an art educator, illustrator, fabricator of mythological fiber sculpture figures, and published author.

Whimble Designs was incorporated in 1997. While the enterprise began as a retail gallery and studio, Martha describes her business today as an intellectual property based on narrative, supported by flat and dimensional artwork, fantasy at the core. 

Its centerpiece is a four volume fully illustrated fairytale for children and adults entitled "The Legend of The Land of Caelumen." This mythology has evolved to present day with the publishing of "The Chronicles," a series of six 32 page  storybook adventures that unfold here on Earth in a most magical environment called Penstemon Farm.

Martha lives with her husband and three pets in Midtown Atlanta. The Whimbles, their Friends, and Companions are very alive in her playful environment. She invites you to meet them, to follow their stories, and, most importantly, to love them. Hopefully, they will become as real to you as they are to her.