The Whimble Collections

Here you'll find beautiful handcrafted artwork The Whimbles have made available for purchase. There are treasures for everyone to discover!

  • Harvest Collection

    Harvest Collection
  • Dimensional Work

    Dimensional Work
  • Printed Work

    Printed Work
  • Published Work

    Published Work
  • Russian Majolica Ceramics

    Russian Majolica Ceramics
  • Serendipitous Offerings

    Serendipitous Offerings
    • Custom Orders

      Many dimensional pieces of artwork are available as custom orders. If you choose a product, it may well take four to six weeks or, if seasonal, will be completed for the appropriate upcoming season. The Whimbles assure you that their offerings are worth the wait.

      Each year Martha introduces exciting seasonal collections of both flat and dimensional product.  Be on the lookout for new postings from The Studio where inspiration abounds. 

      The Whimbles always love to talk to you. If you have questions or requests, please feel free to check our Contact Page and ring us up or zip off an email submission.

      NOTE: All products are packaged as gifts. Since the Whimbles love parties, they have designed the most fun boxes imaginable from pyramids to enclosures to cubes. Each box is tied with signature ribbon inscribed with heartfelt messages. The gift packaging is including in the normal Shipping & Handling fee. At no extra cost, you will certainly be delighted.