The Great Harvest Seabake Part I

At summer's end, Whimbles, Companions and Friends look forward to the bounty of ripening vegetables and fruits. We have all labored in our gardens from Spring to Fall. We have watered, cultivated, trimmed, weeded and, above all, loved each and every plant.

Excitement mounts throughout Caelumen when we feel the first hint of a crisp fall morning. Everyone anticipates what we call "seabakes."

These are picnics by the sea, hosted by The Water Whimble Colony at The Coves.  We live in the southernmost colony of Lumenesia in Caelumen bordering The Pearl Sea where damselfish, salt water oysters, and magnificent jellyfish flourish.

Newly harvested vegetables and fruits are carried from far and wide to our coast The vegetables are then washed and roasted in deep stone pits covered with seaweed. You may already know how delicious many vegetables are when cooked in this manner.

My Companion, Sebastian the Tiny Sea Turtle, manages one such "bake" with the help of our friend, Dougal the Elephant Sprite. Each year the sprite and Orchid Whimble twins, Rudi and Sasha, create a scrumptious and nutritious seaweed salad. Pillow Whimble, Devon, brings his own recipe for pumpkin and zucchini bread straight from The Upper Meadows. 

Sweet Pea Colony tiny field mice contribute the yummiest cheese made in The Working Gardens from their fancy lamb northern neighbors' milk.

Sebastian, a fine chef, has taught me to bake a rich white chocolate cake which, after many years of practice, I am proud to serve.  

When we're all gathered together for this celebration, our sun, Revelato, shines brightly upon our feast. However, he always reminds us that weather can be unpredictable.  

Indeed, one fall Sebastian and I were taken by storm. (to be continued high above The Pearl Sea - Caelumen)