Part IV: The Silver Thimble

The Silver Thimble

While the Lumenesians traveled toward their faraway destination, they told stories, ate delicious foods, and played games. Within the safety of their bubbles, they admired the heavens swirling around them. When tired, they slept deeply for long periods of time. In their dreams their king continually whispered to them, “Look for a shiny silver thimble atop a copper roof.”

Days passed. Anticipation mounted. One night the six bubbles entered Earth’s atmosphere. Under the light of a full moon, they circled a large weathervane - a golden butterfly perched above a flying Whimble, secured by a thimble gleaming in the lunar light.

The bubbles veered away from the roof. They continued down a passageway within the roots of a large ancient tree, reminding them of the hazelnut trees and their moon, Vesperata on Caelumen. They streamed through a round opening framing the full moon, floated to the floor below, bounced once and opened. The Lumenesians climbed out, looked about them in silence and amazement, remembering the Golden Butterfly, Auriana’s, message:

Lead with your hearts and lighten their world.