Part III: Earthbound


In recent years, King Thaddeus saw light dimming on another land in a faraway galaxy.  With his extraordinary sight, he watched as plants died, animals disappeared, and  trees were felled.  He saw clearly that one of this galaxy's inhabitants, humans, were causing a terrible disconnection between themselves and their beautiful planet Earth. The king wept.

He called upon another Anciennan to help him. He commanded Anciennan Ram, Harmonium, Master of Enchantment, to create a magic bubble potion, brilliantly designed and programmed. Each blown bubble would contain the knowledge of the precise flight pattern from Caelumen to a final destination on Earth. While Harmonium perfected his creation, King Thaddeus selected Lumenesians to go on the long journey. He instructed his Golden Butterfly, Auriana, to take his message to each chosen Whimble, Companion, Honorary Friend, and Birth Butterfly.

In good time these emissaries stood before Harmonium at dusk on Caelumen’s Spring Solstice. The Anciennan separated members of one Colony from another. He then cradled those from The Hillside in his strong hands and gently blew a bubble around the group. After it hardened, the bubble became indestructible. The tiny Hillside Colony figures smiled up at him. He raised the bubble to the sky. A strong breeze lifted it from his hands. Floating higher and higher, faster and faster, it sped on its trajectory.

Harmonium bade goodbye to each representative of the remaining Colonies, launched them in the air, and watched one follow the other on the path to their new home. When the bubbles joined the stars above, the ram turned and walked toward his home in The Mountains of the Wind. The Anciennan had fulfilled his king’s mission.