Part II: The Legend

The Forest Path

Caelumen’s Spine, the major arterial pathway leading north and south, provides the lifeline between Ancienna and Lumenesia. One dark winter night long, long ago, this pathway was destroyed by an antagonist who caused a series of catastrophic earthquakes, landslides, and avalanches. When over, Caelumen lay wounded and divided, her Spine broken. This fissure, constantly spewing toxic fumes, became known as The Rift and cut off any safe passage between the two kingdoms.  As time passed, conditions worsened and the land's shimmering light dimmed.

As his realm lay dying, King Thaddeus commanded an Anciennan Cat, Thanu, to journey from his southern Rose Sea Coast. Thanu crossed the dangerous Rift into Lumenesia, continued north to The Hillside Colony where he reunited with his oldest and dearest friend, the revered Whimble Lumenist, Atterbury. The archetypal hero, Thanu, must overcome not only great perils but also his own fear in order to restore Caelumen to its former brilliance.

The Reunion