Part I: The Land of Caelumen

King Thaddeus

Far from Earth on an ancient planet called Zir lies a small hidden land called Caelumen. This miniature land is watched over by a kind thoughtful king, Thaddeus, who reigns from a great orb centered in the heavens directly above Caelumen. A grassy mesa called The Spine vertically separates the land into its two neighboring kingdoms, Ancienna and Lumenesia.

Ancienna, composed of seven Territories, is home to wise ageless beings called Anciennans. For long periods of time they sleep deep within the land’s subterranean core. At a certain moment the King will waken an Anciennan, summoning him to ascend from this underworld. At dawn on the day of this ritual the chosen one will rise upward through the pure waters of the Eternal Spring to burst forth from the magical Blue Lotus Flower centered at the spring’s mouth. When the blue petals gracefully open to the sun, Revelato, and the Anciennan steps to the water’s edge, he knows, as do all others before him, that he will be dream master, storyteller, and protector to all who encounter him.

Lumenesia, Caelumen’s other kingdom, is linked by six Colonies. Their denizens – wee folk called Whimbles, enjoy the simple pleasures of life: a cozy home and fire, tea, tasty treats, picnics, and gardens. As their name suggests, they are filled to the brim with whimsy, are never without a thimble, and have the highest regard for anything finely sewn. All Whimbles share an abiding lifelong friendship with both a special Companion and a butterfly whose chrysalis is gifted by King Thaddeus at birth. Their greatest joy is gathering together for storytelling. Their favorite tale is retold annually on Caelumen’s “Longest Night” when their moon, Vesperata, shines her brightest. That evening, after a grand feast in Whimble cottages throughout Lumenesia, all settle around a visiting Anciennan to hear once again “The Legend of the Land of Caelumen. ”

The Gathering