A Glimpse of The Early Fall Whimble Studio & Patios

I, Elspeth the Elfin Dragon, cannot stop whirring about. So much is growing here in both the Whimble Studio and on the adjoining Patios. Just look at the ferns behind Miss Martha. The more she creates, the more fronds unfurl. I think you humans call it a sympathetic reaction. 

I discovered this last tremendous cucumber one afternoon recently while zipping in and out of the lantanas with our resident Patio hummingbird, Nicolina. We had quite a time removing the behemoth from the Guest Patio arbor.

Now that nights are cooler, the cardinal vine is blooming vigorously. Nicolina flies to each and every flower. Even I have trouble keeping up with her.  She pointed out the large green tomato that will soon be ready to harvest. 

Felted Pumpkins & Gourds in Twig Nest Basket

Speaking of Harvest, look at our new felted pumpkins and gourds.  We are busy, busy, busy fabricating one Serendipitous Offering after another.

Felted Long Neck Gourd in 3 Inch Basket

This gourd is about 4" long and has been both molded & needle felted. Don't you love the striations of color? Sasha & Rudi are particularly fond of this purple 3" diameter twig and felt basket. 

The First Bloom

Just to put some icing on the cake, I'd like you to see my portrait as well as that of the Ochid Twins. Miss Martha spent almost 100 hours on this illustration of us and our home on Penstemon Farm. This work is to be the cover for "The Chronicles of Wadleigh Weasel & The Whimbles - An Early Spring Tale," to be completed for Holiday 2015. You haven't met the two other characters seen here, but you will if you purchase this newest publishing offering. It's a Whimble Collector's Fairytale, the second in a series entitled "The Chronicles," costing $43.95.

We all like to gather to see a pretty sunset after a long day in our pulsating Studio. It's a joy to talk about our newest projects and soothing to be outside within the arbor. We'd love you to join us here as we usher in Fall. (la fin from The Whimble Studio & Patios - Earth)